One Million Pieces of knitted garments per month with an installed capacity of 1,000 sewing machines.

An innovative team working under mature infrastructure is the pride of Unisource in fashion industry. Unisource has got three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities spread across with more than 1,000 sewing machines.

Unisource is supported by the latest automatic spreaders as well as CAD/CAM cutting and best micro-process controlled sewing machines with under-bed trimmers.

  • Single Needle – 350 Machines
  • Over Lock – 300 Machines
  • Over Lock – 300 Machines
  • Flat Lock – 300 Machines
  • Buttoning Machine – 8 sets
  • Bar-Tack Machine – 8 nos

Needle Detector: All the merchandise being produced by us are free from Ferrous Foreign objects such as needles, hooks, ferrous fragments etc.,


Unisource embroidery division has 6 Nos. of sophisticated Japanese machines, which enable mass scale execution of intricate embroidery designs with maximum 9 colours.


State-of-art machinery and expert work force makes it possible for us to work on any washing related challenges to achieve the fabric feel and quality as per customer’s expectations.

Unisource has state-of-the art micro-processor controlled washing facility to treat the merchandise with acid wash, potassium permanganate wash, aged wash, vintage wash, rubber ball wash, tea stain wash, enzyme wash, silicon wash, bio wash etc., for various brands like Abercrombie, Replay, Uniqlo, Mango, H&M and so on.


Unisource Printing facility is installed with three S. Roque printing machines – Portuguese made, which can produce innovative and trendy designs in pigment, reactive, flock and discharge with 12 colours with engineered repeat options of 15,000 garments per day.